Double Padded 6 ft long and 1 inch thick Dog Leash with Triple Layered Padded Double Handles -PetsCare

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I don’t think I can tell you just how happy I really am about getting this dog leash. The words I say on this review will not give the excitement in my voice as much justice as it deserves.

I have a 3 year old brindle Greyhound whippet mix Named Bruno. Since he was only 3 months old my puppy has Been ridiculously strong, especially if he’s excited. I remember having to hold the leash with another person when we would go to the dog park and even then he would still be dragging the both of us. After breaking about 10 different types of leashes that were made from different materials and in different types of design I finally gave up. Unfortunately I had to give in and buy a chain link leash because it was the only thing sturdy enough. Even with that though I have had problems because when I need to draw him in closer to me wrapping the chain link metal around my hand is not very comfortable and if he resists or is overly excited and tries pulling it can become extremely painful. I I have always hated it and so does my husband but we have been unable to find anything that comes close to matching its durability and control.

ALAS!!!!! I have found the unfindable leash I have been searching for and I could not be any happier!!!

To start… the color is pretty awesome! I am loving the dark blue denim and red padding with the red accents for the stitching. The denim material is nice and thick without being ridiculous even with it having double and triple layers of padding and just like a good pair of jeans I know it will Outlast most anything and is reliable.

The hook that Clips to my dog’s collar is a good sturdy size and made with a really good, thick metal. Although the metal is thick and sturdy it was nice to see, and feel that it was super lightweight. Also the clip does not stick or give me a hard time when I’m connecting the leash to my big puppy’s collar unlike a lot of other stiff Clips I have dealt with in the past. Starting from the Collar Clip to the farthest Handle is 6 feet of space. Which gives my boy the feeling of independence without the attitude of it. LoL

My ABSOLUTE favorite part of this leash is that it has two handles for us humans. There’s the normal end of the Leash Loop Handle that most, if not all leashes have. What makes this leash so freaking wonderful though is that There is a Second Loop Handle that is about halfway, if not a little more, down the leash, makeing having to reel my strong pup in closer to me, and then keeping him there so much easier, not to mention less painful.

The whole Leash, including both of the handles, are VERY well padded. Giving the Leash Double and Triple Padding makes this Leashes strength remarkable. I think the extra padding and handle are both smart and thoughtful qualities from the Creator’s.

If I could give more than five stars I would without a question!!! I have to say that when it comes to things I have bought online this is definitely in the top 3! It is a great price it is an amazing, thought out product that is really good quality and hands down worth every penny.

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