Baby Light. LED Star Night Light. 360 Degree Rotating Projection Light.

Bright! Colorful! Fun!

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You can easily make any room into a Space Odyssey for all ages. Just plug this LED Starlight in with it’s USB cord. Press the button on the base of the Starlight to make it Slowly Spin then Choose from the generous amount of Single or Multi-Color Combo Options available and then lay back and be amazed at the Beautiful Lit up Crescent Moons and Stars as a world of color comes to life on your ceiling and walls. Your indoor world or wherever you choose to catch some night time Zzzs will now be filled with an Amazing variety of colored lights in the shape of stars and crescent moons. Our Family Loves this Starlight. It is Very relaxing, calming and Our son absolutely loves to watch it from his crib. It’s also definitely a sure way to start a conversation when you have guests.

An extra nice little thing about this Starlight is that it comes with a frosted white like top to the Starlight globe. It’s a good way to keep these Starlight’s clean as well as prolong its life span by protecting the part of the Starlight that spins and gives you the night sky.

The only thing we were just a little bit disappointed with was the fact that the star light did not come with a USB port base to plug into the wall, you have to have that yourself to plug in and use the USB cord that goes to the Starlight.

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