ShungHO Kitty Cat Ears Make Up Face Washing Hairband or Cosmetic Headband

Having long hair down to my waist plus a bunch of little baby hairs and flyaways around my face and the back of my neck can make cleaning my face, using face masks or even sometimes doing makeup a pain in the butt. This adorable Pink Kitty Cat Headband has definitely made things a little bit easier.

This Headband is a light pink color with white inside the little kitty cat ears. The fabric the Headband is made with is really, really soft, which I Love!! I like that the back of the head band scrunches up and makes it tight when you put it on so that it doesn’t slip and slide or just pop off your head like most others. The top part of the Headband actually gives you the option to fold it over and make it smaller or open it up to make it bigger depending on how much of your hair you would like to cover. Whether the Headband is folded over or opened all the way while wearing it the Kitty Cat Ears still sit really cute on your head. I am definitely Happy with this Headband and how well it keeps my hair back and out of the way while I concentrate on taking care of my face.

Another really great thing about this Headband is the fact that because it is a playful little Kitty Cat Headband you can use it for dressing up for Special Occasions like Parties or Holidays or whatever else you want to dress up and be a Pink Kitty Cat for.

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