Dogs Durable Non-Toxic Chew Toy. Soft Bouncy Rubber Ball Launcher for Dogs. For Aggressive Chewers. Training Exercise and Reward Toy.


AWESOME toy for a medium to large dog

If what they say about dogs being color-blind is true then I guess it wouldn’t matter to my puppy but to me I think the bright green and white coloring of this toy is really appealing to the eye. 

The Braided Rope on this toy is really strong and braided very nicely. I am very pleased with the way that it is tied to the rubber ball part of this toy. Combining the rubber toy ball and the thick braided rope together was a really smart idea. Because the Rope is so thick and sturdy and has a pretty decent link to it I’m able to play a really good game of tug-of-war with my puppy and it doesn’t Frey or rip.

The rubber ball part of the toy is more than just a simple rubber ball. It has some really cool lines throughout the whole thing that are filled with half Diamond Shaped teeth. Not only do these lines and diamond shaped like teeth give this toy ball a really unique and cool looks but it’s also pretty clever. I say it is really clever because the teeth like part of the toy is where you can put treats for your puppy so that they can entertain and occupy themselves trying to get the treats out if you are not playing with the toy with them.

Crazy I am super happy with this toy I think it is a steal of a deal. It’s a toy that will last for quite a while what and sustained quite a bit before I think I would have to worry about replacing it. All of the material used to make this toy from the thick braided rope to the really strong and resilience Rubber Ball are of great quality and the idea and execution of this toy was well thought out and considerate to not only our furbabies but also us humans

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