Seventh Generation’s Free and Clear Laundry Packs

I was selected to try Seventh Generation’s Free and Clear laundry packs, made for sensitive skin, for FREE.

I have to say this is one the best laundry detergents I’ve ever used. Not only are they biobased they also smell like fresh squeezed lemons and limes. I love that light citrus smell. The clean is above expectations and even just the small samples I received went really far.

“I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.”

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Seventh Generations Free and Clear Baby Wipes


Free & Clear!

I Love The “All Natural, Free and Clear” part of these wipes. I just wish they were a little softer. They are a bit on the stiffer side. The Bright Sea Green coloring and very playful design and drawings on the packaging is adorable, fun and also kinda unique.

“I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.”

Toddler/Infant/ Baby Boys Clothes/ Sleeveless Tank Top With Shorts Set/ 6-12 Months from KidLove

“Good Vibes and Positive Energy”

This outfit could not have been any more perfect!!

The White, Tank Top Cut Shirt with Good Vibes and Positive Energy scribbled on the front of it in different sizes and types of fonts is Super Cute and Really Playful.

The shorts are a Dark Grey color and covered in a White Arrow like Design. They match the top PERFECTLY. The fabric is Really Soft and a Very Nice Quality. The Sewmanship is Extremely Well Done and the Whole Outfit has a nice Breathability Character to it and is Thoughtfully Put Together. We like the colors. Although they are not bright or flashy, they go well together.

This Whole Outfit TOTALLY reminds us of the Eighties in Every Way. The Cut, The Design and the Fun Saying or Quote on the front of the shirt all scream 80s style and We are Loving every last bit of it.

The saying on the shirt is perfect!! In a world filled with violence, hate, depression and anger, we as a family do our best to try and look at things in a Brighter Light and Stay Positive and Hopeful as well as Have as much Fun as possible every chance we get. “Good Vibes and Positive Energy” is what we like to surround ourselves with and how we would like to raise our son to be and want in his life as well.

Ordering clothes online can be a little tricky whether it be for an adult or an infant. We were VERY PLEASED that this outfit fit our little boy PERFECTLY and he wears it like A BOSS.

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Intipal Pack of 2 Static Cling Baby Car Window Sun Shade

These Baby Window Clings, or Shades keep the UV Rays off of our youngsters skin. They provide comfort and privacy for our children so us moms and dads can relax knowing our little ones won’t burn up in our suns hot rays. They also have really bright, bold colors, numbers and the alphabet. We like that idea because not only does it give our son something to look at and pay attention to while sitting in his carseat on rides but as he gets older he will be able to use them to learn and educate with. They do have smaller specs them some other ones I’ve seen and only fit half the window but they still allow decent shade and privacy management. We have to admit though that we do wish these Static Cling Baby Window Shades were more flat and did not have the wire around the edge of them. If the Static Cling Window Shade was flat and flush against the window it would make using them much more easier and affective.

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8Pcs Baby/Infant/Newborn Bathing Towel/Washcloth/Feeding Wipe Cloth – By UNKE and DAROL

We absolutely loved everything about these little newborn towels from beginning to end.

To start, the Baby Towels show up in a see through white mesh bag that had all eight towels rolled up nice and tight and looked super cute with all the different colors. This could easily be given as a really nice gift or even just part of baby shower decorations that can later be given to the Soon to be Mommy. Or you can do what we did and just use the towels from the bag until it’s empty and reuse the bag for something else.

After reading other reviews when we ordered the towels we were a little nervous about them possibly being to small BUT we were actually Super Pleased with the size of the towels because they were perfect for our two month old son. The towels are really really soft and have been perfect using as many burping cloths, wiping up spit up and drool as well as washing our tiny little man during bathtime.
We have used and washed these baby towels more than a few times since we’ve gotten them and they are still the same size as they were when first unrolled as well as just a soft. They have not started unraveling or falling apart in any way.
I do like that the Baby Towels are versatile in colors and designs. Even though I have a little boy only two of the towels were more girlie. The rest were more boy and unisex colored. It has a nice, light Pastel Like color scheme and they are definitely a good match for Any Little Baby Monster who needs a Soft Washcloth.

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