SleepIQ Technology and Sleep Number® ComfortFit™ Pillow

This Awesome Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow arrived in a storage type bag that zipped open and closed for reuse in case of travel or storage. I was beyond pleased to find when I opened it the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow was very plush with a super soft feel. I had a VERY, much-needed and much appreciated restful sleep the VERY first night I used it, and have continued to ever since.

My Husband “borrowed” My Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow one night and after Playing tug of war through the night with him over the pillow for a week or so we HAD to get him his own and very quickly did. LoL

Even our Little Monster Boy loves this pillow!! His Daddy put it in the crib and Baby Boss Style put him to sleep and as you can see from the adorable Big Stretches he gave when he woke up in the pictures we posted, even our three-month old Riley Man loves the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow.

We highly recommend this pillow to anyone that is looking for a relaxing, restful, and rejuvenating experience, every night.

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KABOOM (No Drip Foam) Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

There’s NO stopping this cleaner!

Kaboom cut through All the dirty grime our toilets and showers challanged it with. 

It is a Very Powerful No Drip Bleach Foam. If your looking for a cleaner that can clean and refresh your bathroom like new… Kaboom is definitely a good choice.

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