Elizavecca GreenPiggy Collagen Pack

Everything about this product, from the awesome artwork and fun Packaging it comes in to the just as awesome outcome once used is amazing. When I got my package, I Absolutely Loved the Little Piggy Artwork all over the cardboard box with the Elizavecca logo. I thought it was really fun and different from other companies. Taking that extra step to make every part of their product, including the packaging, fun and interesting is a very smart concept for marketing as well as Peking potential customer interest.

Once I was finally done giggling about and showing everyone the adorable Packaging I couldn’t wait to Dive Right into my Elizavecca GreenPiggy Collagen Pack. The bottle that the Collagen Pack comes in may look small but the quantity of the Collagen Pack was anything but small. This being my first time using this type of product I assumed it would have an awkward smell. How very wrong I was! I’m not sure how to explain the smell but it was Super Pleasant! You can ask my hubby, from the moment I opened the bottle, used and rinsed my face afterwards I kept repeating over and over, almost annoyingly, how much I loved the way it smelt.

Applying the Collagen Pack with the applicator stick it came with was not that cooperative for me so I went ahead and stuck my fingers in there and used them instead. When putting the Collagen Pack on my face it felt really cool and almost silky like. During the 20 minutes of wait time before washing it off it did not irritate, burn, crack or even drip at all. It did dry and get a tiny bit stiff but was comfortable to have on for the entire wait time. Once I was done and rinsed my face to see the final outcome of my first treatment I was more than impressed and satisfied. My face felt and looked amazing. Most of the wrinkles on my forehead have smoothed out. My cheeks were full and overall I had a much more youthful appearance. I was pleasantly surprised and immediately shared my experience and pictures of my Elizavecca GreenPiggy Collagen Pack with family and friends.

I am completely blown away by this GreenPiggy Collagen Pack! I have been a fan of Elizavecca and have had the pleasure of testing and reviewing a few of their products for awhile now and have had really good experiences so far, but I have to say that they have outdone themselves with this one. They just keep getting better and better with everything they come out with. I am very grateful and happy that I was chosen to test out and review this Elizavecca GreenPiggy Collagen Pack! I would definitely recommend getting it if you feel you need a little boost or reminder for yourself that those beautiful lines of life in your face can sometimes be erased and you can meet your younger self again.

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Elizavecca 10 Type Power Ringer Sheet Masks

These masks are so much fun on top of being so useful and also great for your skin. We love the pack of 10 we got and all of the different types of masks it came with. The mask is amazing we just wish that it fit on the face a little bit better. It did start to Bubble Up a little and shift or move while Danielle was wearing it although Christan didn’t seem to have that problem at all. Aside from that little hiccup everything else about these masks are great.

Everyone in our household got a mask to use and there was not one complaint made about the outcome after using it, as a matter of fact everybody was completely satisfied with their skin after using these masks.

Danielle used the Red Ginseng Mask and Christian used the Citra Mask. We still have eight more masks to play with and check out that are all different types. We will post the results of those as we do them.

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