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Happy 3rd Birthday to Our Beautiful Brindle Pup Bruno Bear!!

Today is Bruno Bears 3rd Birthday.

I fell in love with this puppy the very second I saw his picture posted on Facebook Looking for a Mommy by my friend Andy. He was in need of a home and I was in need of his love! Although Bruno is a Stubborn, Hard-Headed, Hole Digging, Human Food Stealing Line Jumper Sometimes… I could not have asked for a better puppy. He cuddles, he hugs, he kisses, he protects. He loves, he understands, he learns, he proves doubters wrong and he surprises us everyday. He is an amazing big brother!! He is the best pillow in the world!!! He has returned my smile when I’ve been sad SO many, many times! He’s Loyal! He’s Sweet! He’s an Amazing Friend and the Best Cuddle Bug!! Happy 3rd Birthday to our Bruno Bear!!

You are now officially 21 years old and legal to drink big boy!!

LOL PARTY for the Brindle Pup!!!!

Your Mommy Loves You To The Moon and Back!! Your Daddy Adores You and is SO Happy that You Fell in Love with Him as Much as He Has With You. Your Big Sis Sydney and Your Little Brother Riley are SO Lucky they have You For a Brother and We All Can’t Wait To Spoil You Rotten and Smother You With Hugs and Kisses All Day Long Today!