Intipal Pack of 2 Static Cling Baby Car Window Sun Shade

These Baby Window Clings, or Shades keep the UV Rays off of our youngsters skin. They provide comfort and privacy for our children so us moms and dads can relax knowing our little ones won’t burn up in our suns hot rays. They also have really bright, bold colors, numbers and the alphabet. We like that idea because not only does it give our son something to look at and pay attention to while sitting in his carseat on rides but as he gets older he will be able to use them to learn and educate with. They do have smaller specs them some other ones I’ve seen and only fit half the window but they still allow decent shade and privacy management. We have to admit though that we do wish these Static Cling Baby Window Shades were more flat and did not have the wire around the edge of them. If the Static Cling Window Shade was flat and flush against the window it would make using them much more easier and affective.

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